I’ve started to shoot film, on the side, for fun. I’m slowly starting to add a few rolls in at sessions and weddings, and see how it goes.  It’s scary, intimidating, and excitingly thrilling. When I shoot film I am honing my skills, gaining a better understanding of light,  and  learning get it right IN CAMERA.  I try my best to do all those things with digital, and most of the time I do, but let’s she honest sometimes digital makes us lazy photographers.  Having to KNOW what you’re doing and not being able to just look at the back of the camera for reassurance, is challenging and changing the way I approach photography.  Am I going to start incorporation film into my professional work completely?  I’m not sure yet.   All I know is I am loving this challenge, and when I shoot film, it feels like I am making art.  And isn’t that why I began pursuing photography in the first place?  [Cameras used: Canon AE-1 + Pentax 645nii ]


It was such a pleasure being apart of this wedding. These two are so genuine, kind, and joyful.  The day was all about them  and their love and it truly shows through these photographs. Take a peek!  Best wishes to the happy Bride and Groom! xoxo 2015-07-30_00402015-07-30_00072015-07-30_00082015-07-30_00052015-07-30_00062015-07-30_00092015-07-30_00042015-07-30_00022015-07-30_0003


I was able to make it down to Texas earlier this month to hang out with my good friend Regan and her adorable little family. It was so fun to get away and enjoy the scenery and culture of another state. While I didn’t exactly like the sweaty heat, I LOVED the company and beautiful Texas surroundings.  Enjoy a peek at this sweet new family, captured on FILM! I can hardly handle the love.

(More about my venture into this AMAZING medium soon)

All images captured via my Pentax 645Nii with Fuji400H and  Portra 400 film + my Canon AE- 1 with Portra 800 film.