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We met at a local bar in downtown Portland.  This was the spot these two had their first date.  It seemed only fitting to start our time photographing their love there as well.  Melissa + Miah are so awesome. They are kind, they are authentic, they are adventurous, they are perfect together.  I am so excited to be photographing their brunch wedding in a few weeks. What a great pair they make.  I love it when two people find finally each other and it just clicks.  Take a peek at the first part of their sweet engagement session.

As some of you may know I recently spent 3 weeks traveling throughout the UK.  One of my stops was to photograph this amazing Scotland Elopement.    Many people have asked me, “How did you manage to book a wedding in Scotland?”  Well, one of my previously  booked couples, (you may remember their sweet Dockside Engagement in CDA last summer) decided to Elope!   And when they asked me to come photograph I couldn’t have been more excited.   Ryan and Chelsea are some of the sweetest and easiest people to be around.  Spending a few days with them was definitely a highlight of my trip.  We stayed in little cottages near the  wedding site, thoroughly enjoyed cooking meals, chatting, laughing, and oh yeah, photographing their sweet sweet wedding.  This Canadian duo certainly rocked it in the stress free elopement department.   What an amazing experience, I am so thankful I had the honor of witnessing this wonderful Scottish affair!

Disclaimer:  This post is going to be long, (Hello! it’s SCOTLAND!) so if you don’t want to see tons of awesome photos of an intimate elopement on the rugged Scottish Coast, then by all means, go back to whatever you were doing.  But I bet you’ll stay and look.  So enjoy the view!

You are just gorgeous Chelsea!

Chelsea had a sweet moment face-timing her close friends and family before the first look with the Groom. That face! This is the priceless moment that is captured when doing a first look. My absolute fave! 

These two, oh sweet heavens they are adorably in love.  It was so special being in Scotland to capture this.

Oh and just a little behind the scenes for you… Chelsea did such an amazing job walking all over in that gorgeous gown of hers, even though it was blow-you-over windy and absolutely freezing!

Ryan + Chelsea, I wish you every happiness in your new adventure as husband and wife.  It was an absolute blast to be in Scotland with you.  A memory I will treasure for many years to come.




Oh this girl.  She’s the real deal.  Cami and I had know of each other for years, through church and mutual friends, but had never actually gotten to hang out until a few months ago.  We finally got a coffee date on the calendar and proceeded to spend the whole time talking about our many common interests and passions, namely, Music and Photography.  Let me just tell you, this girl is a gem.  I walked away from our coffee feeling refreshed.  Meeting someone who is as genuine and humble as they are talented is RARE.  What a blessing her friendship has been in my life already.  Photographing her was a blast and felt a lot like hanging out with a good friend.  I just  love that.