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Joy in the air, lovely colors and decor, perfect weather, a sweet laid back couple, amazing family and friends, lots of FUN dancing, and did i say JOY?!  This pretty much makes up the best wedding ever!  I was so thrilled Catherine + Jeremy asked me to come to New York to photograph their special day at the Pruyn  House in Albany.  It was an amazing trip and an absolutely stunning wedding.   I left feeling a lot like family and incredibly blessed to have been a part of this affair.  Enjoy a peek at Catherine + Jeremy’s big day.  xoxoxo


Ahh a sweet spring wedding to click off the 2014 season here at home.  This day was full of joy, merriment, and love. I really enjoyed getting to be a part of this special day for these two families.  It was a sunny, and rain free spring day on the Palouse, pretty much perfect.  And I have to say, the flowers are just gorgeous, and those shoes, so cute.  Enjoy a look at this colorful and FUN wedding. 

Arriving in Edinburgh really felt like the kick off to our Scottish adventure.  People saying, “Ahh lovely” and “Cheers!”  The first day we  walked and rode busses around the city. We even saw a beautiful Bride arrive at a St. Giles Cathedral for her wedding, bagpipes playing and all!  This city is abounding with amazing architecture and scottish culture, not to be mention bustling with big city atmosphere. Everywhere you look there are little pubs, bakeries, and shops. And hey THIS is the city where  J.K. Rowling wrote most of the Harry Potter series, just tucked away in a little coffee house.  Enjoy a peek at our time in Edinburgh. Oh lovely Edinburgh.

As most of you know I recently took a 3 week trip to the UK to shoot a wedding and visit family.  I finally have time this week to go through the photos, and let me tell you, it is making me all kinds of nostalgic.  This first installment showcases our travels to the Scottish Coast, along little fisherman villages, and around the rural country side.  And that green is real people, not photoshopped!  Europe has a haunting and historic beauty that really can’t be translated my a mere photograph. But the memories are captured  and treasured non the less.  Enjoy a peek at my adventure.  I will be posting my journey throughout this week, so check back soon for more!

I’m here to share just a little more of this fun session today.  If you didn’t see Part 1 at Dig a Pony in downtown Portland you just HAVE to check it out HERE.  After some drinks and conversation we meandered our way down to the waterfront (one of my all-time favorite places to be in Portland btw) to continue the photo taking.   It did rain on us, but we made it fun and kept going regardless.  Oh and a general fashion tip: every girl needs a good pair of cowboy boots, and Melissa’s are just perfect.  xoxo