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Oh this girl.  She’s the real deal.  Cami and I had know of each other for years, through church and mutual friends, but had never actually gotten to hang out until a few months ago.  We finally got a coffee date on the calendar and proceeded to spend the whole time talking about our many common interests and passions, namely, Music and Photography.  Let me just tell you, this girl is a gem.  I walked away from our coffee feeling refreshed.  Meeting someone who is as genuine and humble as they are talented is RARE.  What a blessing her friendship has been in my life already.  Photographing her was a blast and felt a lot like hanging out with a good friend.  I just  love that.

Throw Back Thursday to our coast trip.  Something about the great water that makes you want to soul search.  Remembering the sound of the waves.  The inviting yet cool sunlight.  The swaying sand and little crumbs of treasure.  Gentle and mighty all at the same moment, the Ocean.  Reminds me of someone I know.  One of my always loves.

Don’t you just love this time of year?  The anticipation of Christmas, the music, the baking, the home decorating.  I am an avid Christmas lover and can’t get enough.  So when Kelsey called me wanting some christmas card photos I  was so excited to photograph them!  Jeremiah + Kelsey have recently renovated their new home, ( btw kelsey is an AMAZING interior designer, I just want her to come live at my house) we did a few photos inside their adorable living room.  Their fur baby Vincent is pretty sweet and definitely stole the show.  Too cute!   Oh and of course their outfits were perfect, Kelsey you have me dying for some red hunters now!

Enjoy the holiday cheer ya’ll Christmas is a mere 6 days away!