Wedding Photography/ My Heart

This past weekend I had the honor of watching one of my most special friends get married.  Hannah and I met in 9th grade, and she only lived here for a short while.  Miles and years may separate, but we always remain dear friends.  When we’re together it’s as if nothing has ever changed.  I was overjoyed to be there in the moment, as a guest, with my friend. I only snapped a few shots, but these photos are some of the most special I have taken.  Ever.

I was reminded why I love what  I do.  This is what photography is for me.

 Light, smiles, tears, joy, passion, all wrapped up in thousands of tiny pixels, and put in a frame.


Hannah, your wedding was perfect, joy was abundant, and a new family began. I love you forever soul sister.

And those lavender drenched napkins were the most wonderful thing I’ve ever smelt!

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